Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Top 10 at Infosec 2014: Talks

There has been a rumour that Infosec is fading out, its long-standing tradition residing in the cliché that everyone goes because everyone else does. There have also been questions raised over the quality of its talks. Whilst not forgetting that Infosec is one of the few relevant shows of its industry that remains free, here’s a review of some of the talks that will take place at this year’s edition. We’ll let you decide for yourself if Infosec deserves its reputation, or if it is indeed going out of fashion.

Who: Ken Munro, Partner at Pen Test Partners
When:  Wednesday 30 April 2014 16.40 - 17.05
Where: Technical Theatre

Ken Munro will explain how analysis and security research tools available online are harvested, modified and then used against an organisation's firewall. The talk is delivered with a live demo of over 40 anti-virus products which will show which products have responded and which have failed to detect threats from public virus databases.

Who: Moderator - Peter Wood, Security Advisory Group at ISACA London Chapter
          Panellist - Lee Barney, Head of Information Security at Home Retail Group
          Panellist - David Cass, SVP CISO at Elsevier
          Panellist - Michael Colao, Head of security at Axa UK
          Panellist - Andy Jones, CISO at Maersk Line
When: Tuesday 29 April 2014 10.45 - 11.45
Where: Keynote Theatre

This panel talk addresses a very current issue for the cyber community – information security being perceived as the business inhibitor, the innovation-stiffler, the risk-averse, in a word the mother-of-all-evils within the corporate agenda. The debate looks to challenge the negative perceptions surrounding information security and compliance as well as searching for solutions to better educate, engage and integrate these topics with the business decision-making process.  

Who: Barmak Meftah, CEO at AlienVault
When: Tuesday 29 April 2014 10.00 - 10.25
Where: Business Strategy Theatre

The cybercrime scene has evolved to a functioning network of capable hackers who share and benefit from crowd-sourcing of information, tools and advice. Meanwhile, the business world is still torn between the benefits of sharing and the ethics of exposing vulnerabilities. This presentation flips the coin on both sides and addresses a sore spot for both information security as well as the board room. 

Who: Ryan Kazanciyan, Technical Director at Mandiant
          David Damato, Director at Mandiant
When: Wednesday 30 April 2014 15.20 - 15.45
Where: Technical Theatre

Mandiant attempts a discussion drawing on the experience of past attacks, highlighting the reasons for which these attacks continue to happen, finding the blind spots of cyber security and ways to better deploy existent resources in tackling these issues, as opposed to buying more gadgets, or waiting for miraculous solutions. They also look at the pros and cons of "threat intelligence" and they take a chance on predicting the evolution of state-sponsored threat and targeted attacks in the near future. 

5. Hall of Fame interview

Who: Dr. Eric Cole, Chief Scientist at Secure Anchor Consulting

          Drew Amorosi, Deputy Editor at Infosec Magazine
When: Thursday 01 May 2014 10.00 - 10.35
Where: Keynote Theatre

The Infosecurity Hall of Fame celebrates the achievements of Infosec practitioners with long-term contributions to the advancement of information security, revolutionary ideas and inspiring innovations. This year, Dr. Eric Cole the founder of Secure Anchor Consulting and a fellow of the SANS institute was introduced to the Hall of Fame which now counts an impressive array of infosec personalities. Dr. Cole holds 20 patents, has authored several books and is part of the Commission on Cyber Security for the 44th President as well as a few other advisory boards. 

6. What's new in cybercrime? Keeping up with the cybercriminal

Who: Moderator - Eleanor Dallaway, Editor & Associate Publisher at Infosec Magazine

         Panellist - Michael J. Driscoll, Assistant Legal Attache, FBI
         Panellist - Lee Miles, Deputy Head of National Cyber Crime Unit, National Crime Agency
         Panellist - Graham Cluely, Independent Security Analyst
When: Wednesday 30 April 2014 12.00 - 13.00
Where: Keynote Theatre

With the high-speed developments in cyber crime there is an increasing need to look at the drivers and motivations of cyber attacks, understand their business models and assess the risks and the best ways to manage and mitigate them, and finally, identify the real threat to the organisation; be it a state sponsored attack, organised cyber crime, hacktivism or the inside threat. 

7. Privacy & Compliance Think Tank: Utilising compliance as an information security asset

Who: Moderator - Vicki Gavin, Compliance Director at The Economist

          Panellist - Len Svitenko, Head EU IT Compliance at Staples Europe
          Panellist - Stewart Room, Partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse
          Panellist - Mike Jolley, Head of Information Risk Management at Yorkshire Building Society Group
          Panellist - Stephan Geering, Chief Privacy Office EMEA at Citibank
When: Thursday 01 May 2014 12.35 - 13.30
Where: Keynote Theatre

With  compliance becoming more of a burden, this discussion examines how what has now become an exercise of ticking the boxes could be returned to its original roots - an asset in ensuring the security of the organisation. The panellists will look at the new standards of several industries, discuss transition measure between the old and new procedures, as well as guidance in preparing for the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Network and Information Security Directive. 

8. EU General Data Protection Legislation: Status update and key action points for organisations

Who: David Smith, Deputy Commissioner at the Information Commissioner's Office

          Drew Amorosi, Deputy Editor at Infosecurity Magazine
When: Wednesday 30 April 2014 17.00 - 17.30
Where: Keynote Theatre

This session will bring updates on the latest developments concerning the EU General Data Protection Legislation and the measures required to ensure your organisation remains compliant. 

9. The idiot's guide to destroying a global 500 company... for £500

Who: Kevin Kennedy, Senior Director at Juniper Networks

When: Tuesday 29 April 2014 11.45 - 12.45
Where: Information Security Exchange Theatre

Kevin Kennedy delivers a presentation which demonstrates that it only takes a PayPal account for a legitimate business to crash. He also teaches different approaches to change the economics of hacking and practical advice to protect the organisation from the latest threats. 

10. The new model of security

Who: Adam Philpott, Director EMEAR Security at Cisco

          Terry Greer-King, Director UK&I Security at Cisco
When: Wednesday 30 April 2014 14.15 - 15.15
Where: Information Security Exchange Theatre

Cisco directors offer insights into the forecasting new models of security, given the disruptive age of technology and implicitly of security. A challenging view over security assumptions and fresh perspectives to understand that concepts such as the Internet of Everything will undeniably change the future of security forever.

This is only a handful of debates and presentations from over 100 sessions available for free. From our perspective it looks like these topics reflect the concerns - practical as well as theoretical - of the information security professional. Does this make Infosec the place where opinion leaders voice thoughts and debate fresh approaches? Or is it that after almost 20 years the Earl's Court cyber expo became a compulsory attendance for the industry? Let us know your opinion in the comments below, on Twitter @TitaniaLimited, or in person at stand G25.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Top 10 at Infosec 2014: Exhibitors

Source: en.nsfocus.com
Infosec Europe has arrived once again at Earl’s Court London. Armed with your Passport to Prizes and a map of the show, all the while keeping a keen eye on the #infosec14 Twitter feed, you may find yourself slightly lost in the sea of security vendors and marketing shows. So here's a guide of 10 exhibitors based less on the size of the marketing budget and more on the calibre of their solutions, to get you started and help you navigate your way through three days of infosec debauchery:

1. Titania
Stand G25

Titania are developers of security and compliance auditing software for a huge range of devices; as one of our customers described us as "where the Cisco manuals live". This year we are proud to announce the latest features of our network auditing tool Nipper Studio 2.3 with compliance auditing for PCI DSS and updated vulnerability analysis, in line with the latest NIST NVD requirements. We will be delivering presentations on compliance auditing and configuration analysis and unveiling our brand new product. Drop by to see how we are promoting Stress Free Cyber Security and grab a surprise goody bag and some chocolate to keep you going throughout the show. 

2. IT Governance
Stand F103
Tweets @ITGovernance

IT Governance is a provider of books, tools training and consultancy in matters of risk management, compliance and information security. This year, at Infosec they are are offering a free Compliance Surgery with a 15 minute expert to help sift through ISO 27001PCI DSS compliance, ITIL / ISO20000 IT service management compliance, NHS N3 / IG toolkit submissions and European directives among others. For any busy infosec professional this sounds like a quick and efficient way to catch up with current affairs and updates in the world of security and compliance. 

3. Malvern Cyber Security Cluster
Stand C85
Tweets @MalvernCyber

Malvern Cyber Security Cluster is a partnership that promotes cyber security SMEs centered around Malvern in Worcestershire, a town that is being recognised by Government and industry as a national hub for cyber security. At their stand you won’t find one, but a dozen of small cyber focused companies which bring fresh ideas to the table, along with affordable price tags. Among the companies exhibiting at the Malvern Cyber stand there will be Advent IMDataSureBorwellEncription LimitedAscentor and many others. Titania will be present too, across the three days of the show. 

4. SecurEnvoy
Stand H10
Tweets @securenvoy

SecurEnvoy is an innovative company and global leader of tokenless two-factor authentication. At the height of heated debates over the efficiency of password authentication, they promise a keynote speech analysing 2FA solutions available on the market and a discussion on security aspects relating to seed records, the algorithms used to create passcodes for user identification. 

5. Tripwire
Stand G108
Tweets @TripwireInc

Tripwire comes to Infosec Europe with a pretty innovative approach and promises to zombify you. Well, at least on paper, but that’s not all they're offering. The session One Big Threat to Cyber Security: IT Geeks Can’t Talk to Management resonates the concerns of every information security specialist when considering effective communication with the C-suite.

6. Thales
Stand F30

Thales, a leading provider of cyber security and data encryption, announces the launch of the Encryption in the Cloud study which will look at budgets, corporate ownership, the role of encryption in cloud computing, as well as the Global Encryption Trends survey, now running in its ninth year and conducted in 8 different countries.

Stand L92

Digital Shadows is a one of the new exhibitors and a cyber intelligence company which monitors and secures digital footprints for cloud environments, mobile devices and social media platforms. They will showcase their new SearchLight Client Portal. 

Stand M85
Tweets @seculert

Seculert, the guys who discovered Shamoon (the virus which brought down 30 000 Saudi Aramco computers, back in 2012) are exhibiting for the first time at Infosec and offer registration for on-demand demos in detecting the undetected, searching for malware beyond your premises and checking suspicious executables. 

9. FireMon
Stand J70
Tweets @FireMon

FireMon is an enterprise security management provider which promises a week full of demos, a pub reception and a presentation on the beauty of automation in cyber security, by explaining how it brings a greater agility to the job without posing a threat to job security, nor the danger of oversimplifying complex problems. 

10. Watchful
Stand E42
Tweets @watchfulsw

Watchful is showcasing RightsWatch data-centric security suite with a nimble ability to classify information dynamically using Office 365, without user involvement and then leveraging Azure RMS to protect that information. Their approach to securing data in today’s hyper-connected landscape is securing the information that matters most. They’re also giving away an iPad a day.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Four Years of InfoSec

Infosec Europe is turning 19 this year, but for Titania this is only the 4th year. Here is the story of how we grew up alongside one of the most recognised shows in the information security industry. 

First Year - 2011

In our first year it was all about getting our tool – Nipper Studio – launched (an enhancement of the original tool Nipper) and into the hands of the people who needed it: pentesters. Titania came with an army of three and within a 2 x 2 stand space we demo'ed for three days.

Nipper Studio Launch

We launched Nipper Studio and we came bearing gifts…

Second Year - 2012

In our second year of Infosec we had tripled in staff numbers and doubled our product portfolio. This time 6 of our best people were there and ready to show off two products. We were also looking to find people interested in trying the ‘release candidate’ version of newest Paws Studio compliance software. 

Stress Free Cyber Security

We made an important addition to our product family – Paws Studio. The Titania team also grew bigger and we decided to help take the stress out of cyber security by giving away some stress balls and chocolate.

Alen Damadzic the author of Paws Studio, our compliance and auditing tool,  demonstrating the use of stress balls at our stand. 

Berislav Kucan @bkucan here with the Titania Team, having a chat about his work at HelpNet Security. Later that year he completed an independent review of our Nipper Studio software. 

The stars of our expo – Nipper Studio & Paws Studio

Third Year – 2013

Last year we had 7 people, and just as well, because we barely had a moment to catch a breath. In between spinning the wheel of fortune, talking to people, showcasing the products and catching up with old friends from the industry, we had our hands full. 

At the last show we also had some very popular umbrellas. In the spirit of the Great British Cyber Security theme, what can be more appropriate than an umbrella in London? 

Great British Cyber Security

Our prize wheel gave visitors a chance to win free audits, an assortment of Union Jack themed prizes, such as mugs, piggy banks, umbrellas and t-shirts. We also had Nipper Studio and Paws Studio in full swing. Our team was counting 13 members and had a bigger stand so we could welcome even more people.  

Great British Cyber Security

Fourth Year - 2014

This year we have even more surprises. Everything's got bigger, the team, the company, the stand and the giveaways. You'll have to come and see us to find out what's new in terms of auditing, compliance and the best cyber security for your organisation. There will be new features to trial on Nipper Studio and a very important announcement that you don't want to miss. 

Stress Free Cyber Security

Without spoiling the surprise, we can assure you that Ian Whiting will be there to give demonstrations of each of our products for the entire three days. At the end of each presentation there will be a Q & A session and a surprise goody bag for all those who want them. We also have a demo area for those of you who want to try the software yourselves and we have an excellent team who has already represented us successfully in Vienna, Las Vegas and Washington at cyber conferences and exhibitions this year.

If you want to know where to find us, we will be on G25, right next to Juniper Networks, Outpost24, Trend Micro, Splunk and SecurEnvoy:

Titania (center) stand G25
Malvern Cyber Security Cluster

You can also find us at Stand C85 as part of the Malvern Cyber Security Cluster, along other members of the cyber valley. 
The partnership is a collaborative effort of cyber security SMEs in the Worcestershire area to raise awareness, encourage the development of cyber skills and address common issues for SMEs in the industry.

On each day of the event, members of the Cluster will be present to talk you through the variety of innovative products and solutions and share best practices on the common topic that brings us all together at Infosec: information security. Among the companies you'll see at the stand are: TitaniaDataSure,  Borwell, Advent IM, Hedgehog Security, Encription Limited, Ascentor, NCSC (National Cyber Skills Centre), IASME (Information Assurance for SMEs), Sutcliffe & Co and others. 

Malvern Cyber Security Cluster (center) stand C85

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Exhibition Review: Infosecurity Europe

by Nicola Whiting (COO, Titania)

About the Author

Nicola Whiting is Titania’s Chief Operations Officer and has a solid reputation for increasing revenues and profitability within technology based SME environments. She joined the team in 2011 and has overseen a period of intense growth and change. Now Nicola’s focus is on extending the organizational capabilities and workforce skills, in order to continue to embrace innovation.

Infosecurity Europe is an annual show which takes place every April at Earls Court in London (2014’s show is later than normal and the scheduled dates are 29 April - 01 May).

Figure 1. Outside Earls Court during Infosecurity Europe. Photograph provided by Reed Exhibitions (Oct. 2013)
Titania will be exhibiting for its fourth year and we would recommend Infosecurity Europe as a key show for both independent and corporate Penetrations Testers. Not only will it give you a good overview of the tools your customers are using to manage their systems, but you will also gain invaluable information on the latest business critical issues and hot topics.

You can register for FREE entry and there’s plenty of value in attending:

The security professionals “intelligence boot camp”

Seminars are delivered at all levels and include industry focussed topics in both business and technical areas. The keynote theatre is a great place to update on global trending topics and you’ll find both high level guest speakers and strategic end-user panel discussions.

Hot topics for 2013 included application security, business continuity and digital forensics, encryption, managing the human factor, compliance, identity access management, network infrastructure and secure transactions. Whatever current problems are keeping your customers awake at night, you can be sure that the seminars, workshops and keynote theatre will leave you armed with both the issues at hand AND the industry’s best practice advice.

Hundreds of key vendors, thousands of products and services

Infosecurity Europe is on a growth streak and had over 13,000 visitors last year (ABC audited). 

Figure 2. Inside Infosecurity Europe: Photograph provided by Reed Exhibitions (Oct. 2013)
Visitors range from SME’s to large multinationals and from diverse market sectors.

It’s no surprise that leading security vendors choose InfoSec to showcase their latest and greatest innovations.

In a fast paced industry it’s important that, as a security professional, you are able to review your security choice, method and message against the current security marketplace.

Are you getting best value, is there a leaner more efficient way of achieving your current requirements, are you still “ahead of the curve”?

If you’re happy with your current choices it’s also a great opportunity to get an update on the latest features from your current product vendors AND iron out any niggling operability questions! In 2013 there were over 350 key security vendors at Infosecurity Europe, so there’s no better opportunity to see what’s on offer and build some new business contacts.

Multiple Networking Opportunities

Through the exhibition, seminars and workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to network with peers from other sectors, often gaining new and fresh insights into common threat areas.

Many of Titania’s customers are Penetration Testers (who use Nipper Studio to improve their ROI on configuration reviews). Their first-hand experience is that InfoSec is a great B2B opportunity and not to be missed.

If you make it to Infosecurity Europe this year, stop by our stand (G25). We’d love to hear what you think of the show and would be happy to show you our latest products and updates!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Interop 2014 - What's Hot in Network Security? PCI DSS 3.0, Compliance & National Defence

The last day of the Interop Exhibition has come, so here is an overview of what's been happening so far, in the words of the Titania team greeting you at our stand in Las Vegas: Ian Whiting, Nicola Whiting & Andy Williams. 

Ian Whiting & Andy Williams - setup and ready for Interop
Andy Williams, Head of International Development: "On the first day of Interop we met with a wide variety of IT professionals from business, government and academia, not only from the US but around the world - including Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Visitors are interested to learn that, although we are a small business based in the UK, we are truly international with clients in 60 countries worldwide."

Andy Williams explaining why Titania is expanding so fast globally
Nicola Whiting is Titania's Chief Operations Officer and she was pleased to notice that "information security is a hot issue at the show with several of the leading network security device vendors present - including those whose devices we support such as Cisco, Dell, HP, Watchguard, Barracuda, and F5."

Nicola Whiting is happy to see that information security is a priority for Interop 2014

Finally, Ian Whiting (CEO) has been in Las Vegas for all three days to answer questions and discuss the latest developments of Nipper Studio 2.3: "Titania’s booth is adjacent to that of the US Government’s National Security Agency. Visitors have been impressed by the fact that Titania supplies extensively to the US government’s security and defence community, as well as to many federal civil agencies.

The person who has all the answers on Nipper Studio -  its developer, Ian Whiting...

... And he loves to demo

IT security representatives from a number of major international corporations such as Bridgestone and Visa have stopped by to catch up on what’s new in the latest versions of our security and compliance audit software. Many have commented favourably on the latest features in the latest release of Nipper Studio. PCI DSS 3.0 compliance reporting functionality in both Nipper Studio and Paws Studio is proving of particular interest."

Update: Day 2 at Interop continued to be very busy and productive for Titania with some of the world's leading technology companies including VMware, Fujitsu and Microsoft taking time to visit us at our booth. It was also great to meet with new contacts from among our US government client base, including the US Navy, The show has also been useful in connecting with a number of leading system integrators, resellers and managed service providers interested in exploring partnerships with Titania as we rapidly expand our US market presence. 

It is great to see such positive feedback, from our customers and visitors alike. Thank you for making Interop 2014 a memorable experience. 

And we look forward to seeing more familiar faces at next year's Interop.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Top 20 Exhibitors to Watch at Interop 2014

Source: forumsys.com

Browsing through the 100 announcements from exhibitors at Interop 2014, this year seems to bring a flurry of solutions and products focused on synchronising business processes with IT solutions and innovations brought by virtualisation and the concept of Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS), or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The great thing about it is that these solutions are not only addressing the technical teams, but have now evolved to be  introduced to management boards, with clear advantages to business efficiency. 

Below we draw up a list of a 20 exhibitors worth watching. We know Interop is a busy time and there are lots of interesting things to do, watch and listen to, but if you haven't got a schedule, you can always start here:

1. Titania
Booth No: 962
Twitter: @TitaniaLimited

Showcases its latest versions of Nipper Studio security auditing software for firewalls, switches and routers. Nipper Studio 2.3 now includes compliance reporting for PCI, with improved vulnerability analysis, using the NIST NVD. Watch out for the demo - new features will be revealed.

Booth No: 627
Twitter: @APCON

APCON will release IntellaFlex 3288-XR– a high capacity, non-blocking network monitoring switch. APCON will also demo its IntellaFlex 36-port 10G Time Stamping and Packet Slicing Blade, a Best of Interop - Performance Finalist.

3. Aryaka
Booth No: 1821
Twitter: @AryakaNetworks

Announces Network OnDemand for enterprises that want to consume global private bandwidth as a metered service. Also provides SaaS in terms of WAN Optimization as-a-Service, Network as-a-Service, Application delivery as-a-Service and Cloud Network as-a-Service. 

4. Basic6
Booth No: 610
Twitter: @basic6

Introduces a console for centralised remote management of embedded devices around IoT. Will present a  multi-vendor demo of wireless global control: of SmartBeacons, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pi's.

5. Catavolt
Booth No: 1359
Twitter: @CatavoltInc

Showcases a mobile app platform which protects business data by not storing it on the device.

6. Cloudpath Networks
Booth No: 739
Twitter: @cloudpath_net

Announces XpressConnect Enrollment System 3.0 the first ADE (Automated Device Enablement) platform, plus they offer some pretty cool socks.

7. Cormant
Booth No: 1363
Twitter: @CormantCS

Announces and demo’s the addition to Cormant CS DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management), Workflow, a configurable engine for all infrastructure tasks. Their solution is also used in supporting InteropNet

8. Emulex
Booth No: 1158
Twitter: @Emulex

Offers its next gen of high performance Ethernet connectivity solutions to the open source community. It is also offering a free Starbucks coffee.

9. Ethernet Alliance
Booth No: 1958
Twitter: @EthernetAllianc

Multi-vendor demo to illustrate Ethernet’s high interoperability - because this is Interop.

10. iLand
Booth No: 616
Twitter: @ilandcloud

Best of Interop Finalist. Showcases  a disaster recovery as-a-service and it recently expanded in the UK to address demands for enterprise cloud services and disaster recovery.

11. Intersog
Booth No: 1145
Twitter: @Intersog

Ranks 3rd inUK top 10 Android developers. Will present extensive mobile development and UX / UI design expertise, along with other enterprise mobile solutions. 

12. NCP Engineering
Booth No: 754
Twitter: @NCP_engineering

Introduces its latest versions of centrally managed IPsec VPN client suite, including Android, Linux, Mac OS Mavericks clients. Simplifies remote access security management, promises better compliance and connectivity regardless of space, time or device. It also offers a 'Remote Access VPN for Dummies' book.

13. NEC
Booth No: 1839
Twitter: @NEC

UNC (Unified Network Coordinator) together with the latest version of Programmable Flow Networking Suite promise to enable construction and organisation of virtual networks within and across data centres. NEC is also a Gold Sponsor for the SDN workshop, on April 1st, and a Best of Interop Finalist.

14. OpenGear
Booth No: 639
Twitter: @Opengear

OOB (out-of-band) provider for Interop NOC (Network Operation Centre).  Presents IM7200 – a tool for remote management of data centres and critical infrastructures.

15. Path Solutions
Booth No: 1951
Twitter: @goPathSolutions

Another Best of Interop Finalist and Interop NOC provider.  Brings TotalView5 for real-time performance monitoring and optimization for IP networks. 

16. Procera Networks
Booth No: 550
Twitter: @ProceraNetworks

Demo’s NAVL (Network Application Visibility Library) which promises high performance network insights with a minimal consumption of resources.

17. Scale Arc
Booth No: 2058
Twitter: @ScaleArc

Announces ScaleArc for SQL Servers 3.1 – a new version of its database traffic management software. Watch out for the prize draw.

18. Server Technology
Booth No: 842
Twitter: @ServerTechInc

Presents HDOT (High Density Outlet Technology) which monitors power and temperature usage, while watching the alarms closely right down to outlet / device level. Server Technology is also a provider for the InteropNOC.

19. Smart File
Booth No: 2351
Twitter: @SmartFile

Comes with a breakthrough in network file management – FileHub. Adds advanced search, detailed reporting, compliance and easy manangement to existing storage. Also a Best of Interop Finalist.

20. Stratus Always On
Booth No: 1360
Twitter: @StratusAlwaysOn

Introduces it next-gen software solution everRunEnterprise; a downtime prevention software for Windows and Linux applications with built-in disaster recovery. Best of Interop Finalist.

We hope you found this review useful and we'd love to hear your thoughts on Interop Las Vegas 2014, in the comments below.